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Highland Badminton Under 13 Championships


On Sunday 7th February Charleston Academy, in the city of Inverness, hosted the Highland Badminton Under 13 Championships.  With an entry size of 41 players – consisting of 23 girls to 18 boys – coming from all over the Highlands along with players from Edinburgh and Borders;  with Caithness area (Wick/Orkney/Thurso)  bringing 13 players and Moray area (Moray and Moravian Badminton) bringing 17 players to compete.  The day started with singles events followed by level doubles and finishing off with mixed doubles – all events were pools then followed by knockout rounds A & B. 

             In the girls’ singles event, there were strong performances by all girls with the ‘Knockout A’ final being against Ashley Donald from Badminton Moray and Nicole Miller from Wick Badminton; with the result finishing in Ashley’s favor of  21-15 and 21-16.  Olivia Stronach from Moravian Badminton came through 3rd place against Sophie Barrie from Inverness Juniors results 21-10 and 21-17.  In the ‘Knockout B’ final event Isobel Howard from Badminton Moray came through against Abby Budge from Wick 21-15.

        In the boys’ singles event, again, all players gave their all with the ‘Knockout A’ final being against Ian Campbell from Badminton Moray and Tyler Smith from Borders Badminton; after two hard fought games of high standard Ian finished with 21-18 and 21-14.  Jack Riddle from East Lothian overcame Logan Ireland from Edinburgh 21-18 and 21-18; again this was a hard fought match of high quality.

                In the girls’ doubles event, in the ‘Knockout A’ final Kari Durrand and Nicole Miller from Wick could not overcome Moravians Eden Cowie and Olivia Stronach final result 21-18 and 21-19 in a very close encounter.  Abby Munro and Shannon Ross from Wick won 3rd place in another tight game against Ashley Donald and Katie Riddick from Moray in 3 long games ending 17-21, 21-13 and 21-7.  In the ‘Knockout B’ final Mille Fraser and Isobel Howard (Badminton Moray) won 21-15 over Sophie Barrie (Inverness Juniors) and Summer Elliot (Nairn Badminton).

             In the boys’ doubles event, in the ‘Knockout A’ final Ian Campbell and Tyler Smith beat Logan Ireland and Tommy Ballantine (Orkney Badminton) results being 21-9 and 21-17.  William Mackay and Alan Mathieson (Wick) beat Callum Burge and Jamie Fraser (Moray) in a tight match 23-21 and 21-15.  In the ‘Knockout B’ final Lewis Gallacher and Alan Gunn (Thurso/Wick) beat Noah Forsyth and Lewis Grant (Inverness/Moray) in a close match 21-18.

             In the mixed doubles, in the ‘Knockout A’ final Ian Campbell and Ashley Donald (Moray) beat Logan Ireland (Edinburgh) and Eden Cowie (Moravian) in the match of the day 21-18 and 21-19 where it could of went either way.  Tommy Ballantine (Orkney) and Iona Fleming (Wick) beat Tyler Smith and Jaymee Hannah (Moray) 21-15 and 21-16 for 3rd place.  In the ‘Knockout B’ final Callum Burge and Katie Riddick (Moray) beat Josh Wilson and Olivia Stronach (Moravian) 21-17.

The day finished with 157 matches being played; 168 games overall with 5,530 points being scored.  There was one triple winner - Ian Campbell (Moray) and one double winner - Ashley Donald (Moray).  In the consolation round there was also two double winners Callum Burge (Moray) and Isobel Howard (Moray). 

Highland Badminton Group would like to thank all players who took part; which made it a huge success and look forward to seeing you all next time.  Final thanks to parents who bring their children and volunteers who help with the smooth running on the day.

All results and photos can be found:  http://www.highlandbadmintongroup.co.uk/211754355

With sincere thanks

Highland Badminton Group


Winners Summary:

Pos. Name Club
Boys Singles
1 Ian Campbell Badminton Moray
2 Tyler Smith Borders Badminton
3 Jack Riddle East Lothian Shuttlers
4 Logan Ireland Individual member of BS
Consolation winner - Callum Burge, Badminton Moray
Girls Singles
1 Ashley Donald Badminton Moray
2 Nicole Miller Wick Juniors
3 Olivia Stronach Moravian Badminton
4 Sophie Barrie Inverness Juniors
Consolation winner - Isobel Howard, Badminton Moray
Boys Doubles
1 Ian Campbell+Tyler Smith Badminton Moray/Borders Badminton
2 Tommy Ballantine+Logan Ireland Orkney Badminton/Individual member of BS
3 William Mackay+Alan Mathieson Wick Juniors
4 Callum Burge+Jamie Fraser Badminton Moray
Consolation winner - Lewis Gallacher+Alan Gunn, Thurso+Wick
Girls Doubles
1 Eden Cowie+Olivia Stronach Moravian Badminton
2 Kari Durrand+Nicole Miller Wick Juniors
3 Abby Munro+Shannon Ross Wick Juniors
4 Ashley Donald+Katie Riddick Badminton Moray
Consolation winner - Mille Fraser+Isobel Howard, Badminton Moray
Mixed Doubles
1 Ian Campbell+Ashley Donald Badminton Moray
2 Logan Ireland+Eden Cowie Individual member of BS/Moravian Badminton
3 Tommy Ballantine+Iona Fleming Orkney Badminton/Wick Juniors
4 Tyler Smith+Jaymee Hannah Borders Badminton/Moravian Badminton
Consolation winner - Callum Burge+Katie Riddick, Badminton Moray