posted 24th March 2019

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Highland Restricted Championships Highest Entry Size Ever!

On Saturday 23rd March 2019 Inverness Leisure Centre hosted the Highland & Islands Restricted Championships with the U18 singles held in Inverness Royal Academy to accommodate high entry.  The tournament was split over 3 age groups: U12, U15, U18 drawing in 117 players from all over the Highlands, Moray and Islands.

The tournament was run in pool format with top 2 through to Final A and rest to Final B.  All games were 1 game to 21 with setting for U12; 1 game to 21 with setting for U15/U18 except semis and finals in final A – which was best of 3 to 21 with setting.

There was a small impact of ferries being cancelled from Barra impacting 8 players and slight draw updates to accommodate U15 mixed to ensure pool games.

U18 Results:

FINAL A: There was strong performance across the age group from our young lades and young gentlemen.  Tommy Ballantine (Orkney) secured the treble in all 3 events with partners Mark McCoustra (Caithness) & Nadia Fenton (Gairloch).  Ashley Donald picked up girl’s singles title with an epic battle against Emma Donald (Moray).  The doubles were won by Shona Cumming (Moray) and Nadia Fenton (Gairloch). 

FINAL B: The Consolation singles was won by Josh Wilson (Buckie) and Olivia Stronach (Buckie); doubles won by Fahmad Askair (Inverness)/Cameron MacKenzie (Western Isles) & mixed doubles won by Mark McCoustra (Caithness)/ Ashley Donald (MoraY0.

U15 Results:

FINAL A: With the biggest entry size of 76 players saw lots of games and many surprises.  The girls events was dominated by Sophie Barrie (Inverness) winning the treble in all 3 events with partners Abigail Barrie (Inverness) and Alex Thompson (Moray).  The boys singles and doubles was won by Zen McClure (Moray) with partner Sandy McWilliam (Inverness). 

FINAL B:  the consolation singles was won by Leah Sinclair (Caithness) and Anndra Cumming (Gairloch).  The doubles were on by Will Oag/Allan Robertshaw (Caithness) and Kiera Gunn/Leah Sinclair (Caithness).  The mixed doubles were won by Calum Craig (Inverness)/Emma Sendall (Fortrose).

U12 Results:

FINAL A:  Excellent young talent coming through with Harris Nairn (West End) picking up singles and doubles titles with partner Callum MCWhirter (West End).  The singles tile went to Abigail Barrie (Inverness) and the doubles title went to Sophie Howard/Ruby MacIntosh (Moray).

FINAL B:  Singles consolation went to Ruby MacIntosh (Moray) & Rakin Amin (Buckie).  Doubles went to James Alami-Merrouni+Conor Doherty, Nairn.

Well done to all players – whata  day with lots of games for all.

Thank to Inverness Leisure Centre and Inverness Royal Academy for use of their excellent facilities.

Special thanks for all volunteer helpers:

Lesley Gordon, Tracey Gough, Caroline Strath, John MacCulloch, Mhairi Donald, Marion McCoustra, Andrew Durrand, Ian Campbell, Megan Campbell, Jane Grant.
Without our band of volunteers we would not be able to put on these events.

Special thanks to all parents for their commitment to all players for entering them into the event - our website will be updated late June for the new season of whats coming.

All Results can be found: CLICK HERE

Write-up courtesy of Margaret Campbell, HBG

As at 27th March 2019

Highland Restricted Winners
Pos. Name Club
U18 Girls Singles
1 Ashley Donald Badminton Moray
2 Emma Donald Badminton Moray
3 Nadia Fenton Gairloch High School
4 Shona Cumming Badminton Moray
Consolation Winner: Olivia Stronach, Moravian
U18 Boys Singles
1 Tommy Ballantine Orkney Badminton
2 Ian Campbell Millburn Academy
3 Aaron Morrison IRA
4 Jamie Fraser Badminton Moray
Consolation Winner: Joshua Wilson, Moravian
U18 Girls Doubles
1 Shona Cumming+Nadia Fenton Badminton Moray/Gairloch High School
2 Ashley Donald+Emma Donald Badminton Moray
3 Olive Richards+Olivia Stronach Fortrose/Moravian
4 Fern Mackay+Beth Mackenzie Thurso
U18 Boys Doubles
1 Tommy Ballantine+Mark Mccoustra Orkney Badminton/Thurso
2 Ian Campbell+Fergus Mcwilliam Millburn Academy
3 Jamie Fraser+Joshua Wilson Badminton Moray/Moravian
4 Eoin Cumming+Matthew Goodman Gairloch High School/Lochcarron
Consolation Winner: Fahmad Askari+Cameron MacKenzie, Inverness/Western Isles
U18 Mixed
1 Tommy Ballantine+Nadia Fenton Orkney Badminton/Gairloch High School
2 Ian Campbell+Emma Donald Millburn Academy/Badminton Moray
3 Joshua Wilson+Olivia Stronach Moravian
4 Jamie Fraser+Shona Cumming Badminton Moray
Consolation Winner:  Mark McCoustra+Ashley Donald, Caithness/Moray
U15 Girls Singles
1 Sophie Barrie Inverness City
2 Nuria Clowes Dervaig
3 Isobel Howard Badminton Moray
4 Shannon Leslie Orkney Badminton
Consolation Winner: Leah Sinclair, Caithness
U15 Boys Singles
1 Zen Mcclure Badminton Moray
2 Erlend Ballantine Orkney Badminton
3 Thomas Calder Shetland
4 Alex Thompson Badminton Moray
Consolation Winner: Anndra Cumming, Gairloch
U15 Girls Doubles
1 Abigail Barrie+Sophie Barrie Inverness City
2 Jody Groundwater+Cara Strath Orkney Badminton/Lochcarron
3 Gemma Foulis+Shannon Leslie Orkney Badminton
4 Beth Macphail+Evie Stubbs Western Isles/Inverness City
Consolation Winner: Keira Gunn+Leah Sinclair, Caithness
U15 Boys Doubles
1 Zen Mcclure+Sandy Mcwilliam Badminton Moray/IRA
2 Zaigham Askari+Thomas Calder Inverness Junior/Shetland
3 Erlend Ballantine+Alex Thompson Orkney Badminton/Badminton Moray
4 James Brown+Alastair Gordon Lochcarron/Inverness Junior
Consolation Winner: Will Oag+Allan Robertshaw, Caithness
U15 Mixed
1 Alex Thompson+Sophie Barrie Badminton Moray/Inverness City
2 Keith Bray+Beth Macphail Western Isles Badminton Association
3 Erlend Ballantine+Jody Groundwater Orkney Badminton
4 Alastair Gordon+Eleanor Strath Inverness Junior/Lochcarron
Consolation Winner: Liam Paterson+Emma Sendall, Moray/Fortrose
U12 Girls Singles
1 Abigail Barrie Inverness City
2 Sophie Howard Badminton Moray
3 Charlotte Mcinnes Nairn
4 Grace Macintosh Thurso
Consolation Winner: Ruby MacIntosh, Moray
Consolation Runner-up: Vivienne Goodman, Lochcarron
U12 Boys Singles
1 Harris Nairn West End Primary
2 Callum Mcwhirter West End Primary
3 Alex Innes Tain
4 Finlay Murdoch Badminton Moray
Consolation Winner: Rakin Amin, Moravian
Consolation Runner-up: William Sendall, Fortrose
U12 Girls Doubles
1 Sophie Howard+Ruby Mcintosh Badminton Moray
2 Grace Macintosh+Chloe Mackenzie Thurso
3 Charlotte Mcinnes+Freya Swanson Nairn/Wick
4 Vivienne Goodman+Lexie Mackenzie Lochcarron
U12 Boys Doubles
1 Callum Mcwhirter+Harris Nairn West End Primary
2 Rakin Amin+Sameer Amin Moravian
3 Alex Innes+Finlay Murdoch Tain/Badminton Moray
4 Owen MacKenzie/Josh Whittingham Lochcarron
Consolation Winner: James Alami-Merrouni+Conor Doherty, Nairn
Consolation Runner-up: Ben Haringman+Jack Underwood, Inverness/Fortrose