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Highland Badminton U15 Junior Championships (Restricted)

On Saturday 12th November 2016 the Black Isle Leisure Centre in Fortrose hosted the Highland Badminton U15 Junior Championships – restricted only to Highland & Isalnds players.  The tournament brought players from all over the Highlands and Islands –Orkney, Moray, Wick, Inverness, Nairn , Thurso and Gairloch.

The tournament was run in qualification pools moving onto knockout A or B round – which was based on the player performance in the group stages to which knockout round players would go to.  The tournament consisted of 5 events – below are the results of each event:

Boys Singles

Knockout A - finalists were Ian Campbell (Inverness) and Tommy Ballantine (Orkney) with the advantage going to Tommy winning 8-21, 21-18, 21-19.  In the 3rd place play-off were Aaron Morrison (Inverness) and Bruce McWhirter (Moray) with Bruce winning 21-13, 21-14. 

Knockout B - finalists were Euan Forsyth (Inverness) and Lewis Gallacher (Thurso) where Euan won 21-17. 

Girls Singles

Knockout A - finalists were Emma Donald (Moray) and Heather Forsyth (Inverness) with Emma winning 21-5, 21-7.  In the 3rd place play-off were Nadia Fenton (Gairloch) and Shona Cumming (Moray) with Nadia winning 21-17, 21-14. 

Knockout B - finalists were Sohpie Barrie (Inverness) and Olivia Stronach (Buckie) with Sohpie wining 21-17.

Boys Doubles

Knockout A – finalists were Tommy Ballantine/Ian Campbell (Orkney/Inverness) and Bruce McWhirter/Aiden Smith (Moray) with Tommy & Ian winning 21-9, 21-15.  In the 3rd place play-off were Aaron Morrison/Ryan Porter (Inverness) and Mark McCoustra/Lewis Gallacher with Aaron & Ryan winning 21-18, 21-18.

Knockout B – finalists were Euan Forsyth/Fergus McWilliam (Inverness) and Angus Duffy/William Mackay (Nairn/Wick) with Euan & Fergus winning 21-19.

Girls Doubles

Knockout A – finalists were Emma Donald/Nadia Fenton (Moray/Gairloch) and Shona Cumming/Mhairi MacLean (Moray with Emma & Nadia winning 21-14, 21-18.  In the 3rd place play-off were Ashley Donald/Heather Forsyth (Moray/Inverness) winning 21-16, 13-21, 21-19 against Eden Cowie/Olivia Stronach (Buckie).

Knockout B – Kari Durrand/Nicole Miller (Wick) against Iona Fleming /Abby Munro (Wick) with Kari & Nicole winning 21-17.

Mixed Doubles

Knockout A – finalists were Bruce McWhirter/Shona Cumming (Moray) winning 21-12, 21-12 against Tommy Ballantine/Nicole Miller (Orkney/Wick).  In the 3rd place play-off Ian Campbell/Emma Donald (Inverness/Moray) winning 21-12, 21-15 over Euan Forsyth/Nadia Fenton (Inverness/Gairloch)

Knockout B Aiden Smith/AshleyDonald (Moray) against Aaron Morrison/Eden Cowie (Inverness/Buckie) with Aiden & Ashley winning 21-13.

Thanks to: We would like to thank the Black Isle Leisure Centre (Fortrose) for their continued support in hosting these tournaments, to all parents for bringing their young talented players, and to all the players who made the day a success along with the organisers’/referees.  Hopefully all players enjoyed the day and went home having had played many long and hard fought enjoyable games. 

Raffle - many thanks to all parents who contributed to the raffle which amounted to £61 in total. The 1st prize Racket (which was donated by Ashaway) was won by Eden Cowie.  Other prizes were donated by Lifescan - there was 12 prizes won altogether.

Well done to everyone and all trophy/medal winners.  Keep up the training and see you next year.


Pos. Name Club
Boys Singles
1 Tommy Ballantine Orkney Junior
2 Ian Campbell Badminton Moray
3 Bruce Mcwhirter Badminton Moray
4 Aaron J Morrison I.R.A.
Consolation winner: Euan Forsyth, Inverness
Girls Singles
1 Emma Donald Badminton Moray
2 Heather Forsyth Inverness Junior
3 Nadia Fenton Gairloch Academy
4 Shona Cumming Badminton Moray
Consolation winner: Sophie Barrie, Inverness
Boys Doubles
1 Tommy Ballantine+Ian Campbell Orkney Junior/Badminton Moray
2 Bruce Mcwhirter+Aiden Smith Badminton Moray
3 Aaron Morrison+Ryan Porter I.R.A.
4 Lewis Gallacher+Mark Mccoustra Ormlie Junior
Consolation winner: Euan Forsyth+Fergus McWilliam, Inverness
Girls Doubles
1 Emma Donald+Nadia Fenton Badminton Moray/Gairloch Academy
2 Shona Cumming+Mhairi Maclean Badminton Moray
3 Ashley Donald+Heather Forsyth Badminton Moray/Inverness Junior
4 Eden Cowie+Olivia Stronach Moravian Badminton/Moravian
Consolation winner: Euan Forsyth,+Fergus McWilliam, Inverness
Mixed Doubles
1 Bruce Mcwhirter+Shona Cumming Badminton Moray
2 Tommy Ballantine+Nicole Miller Orkney Junior/Wick Junior
3 Ian Campbell+Emma Donald Badminton Moray
4 Euan Forsyth+Nadia Fenton Inverness Junior/Gairloch Academy
Consolation winner: Kari Durrand+Nicole Miller, Wick