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Highland U18 Junior Championships

On Saturday 5th November 2016 the Black Isle Leisure Centre in Fortrose hosted the Highland Badminton U18 Junior Championships.  The tournament brought players from all over Scotland and from far corners of the Highland and Islands to compete – Shetland, Orkney, Moray, Wick, Tain, Inverness and Gairloch with other areas including Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Lanark, Glasgow, Hurlford, Dumfermline and Perth.

The event was a Badminton Scotland national ranked tournament therefore players were given opportunity to qualify in pools moving onto knockout A or B round based on their performance in the group stages.  The tournament consisted of 5 events – below are the results of each event:

Boys Singles

10 players made it to Knockout A - finalists were Sam Muir (Aberdeen) and Nick Darcy-Evans (Aberdeen) with the advantage going to Sam winning 21-14, 22-20 in long hard fought games.  In the 3rd place play-off were Cameron Strachan (Aberdeen) and Ben Strang (Lanark) with Cameron winning 21-18, 21-17 in another close encounter. 

10 players went to Knockout B - finalists were Ross MacLean (Inverness) and Luca Russell (Shetland) where Luca won 21-16. 

There was one Highland & Islands player making it through to the ‘Knockout A’ round – Ian Campbell, Badminton Moray (also the youngest player in the tournament at 13 years) who reached the quarterfinals.

Girls Singles

6 players made it to Knockout A - finalists were Jodie Harris (Stonehaven, Aberdeen) and Rachel MacLean (Edinburgh) with Jodie winning 21-15, 21-16.  In the 3rd place play-off were Emma Donald (Moray) and Eilidh MacLean (Moray) with Emma winning 21-18, 21-13. 

7 players went to Knockout B - finalists were Freya Stevenson (Orkney) and Chloe Hitchin (Shetland) with Chloe just pipping Freya to pick up the plate 23-21.

Emma and Eilidh were the only players from Highland & Islands making it to ‘Knockout A’ both making it to semifinals.

Boys Doubles

6 pairs made it to Knockout A – finalists were Sam Muir/Nick Darcy-Evans  and Cameron Strachan/James Hinchcliffe with Sam & Nick winning 21-18, 21-8.  In the 3rd place play-off were Ben Strang/Callum Strang (Lanark) and Graeme Thomson (Perth)/Ross Robson (Dumfermline) with Ben and Callum winning 21-17, 21-11.

4 pairs went onto Knockout B – finalists were Kingsley Ho/Luca Russell (Shetland) and Craig Stewart/Paul Stewart (Wick) with Kingsley and Luca winning 21-9.

There was 2 pairs making it through to ‘Knockout A’ from Highland & Islands– Ian Campbell/Ross Maclean & James Clark (Inverness) partnering Marc Graham (Glasgow) both making it to quarter finals.

Girls Doubles

4 pairs make it to Knockout A – finalists were Jodie Harris/Eilidh Mitchell (Aberdeen) and Erin Sinclair (Hurlford)/Rachel MacLean(Edinburgh) with Erin and Rachel winning 22-20, 21-14.  In the 3rd place play-off were Emma Donald (Moray)/Nadia Fenton (Gairloch) winning 21-14, 21-12 against Molly Cant/Freya Stevenson (Orkney).

                2 pairs went to Knockout B – Eilidh MacLean/Beth Taylor against Neve Hall/Chloe Hitchin (Shetland) with Chloe and Neve winning 21-16.

There was 2 pairs making it through to ‘Knockout A’ from Highland & Islands - Emma Donald (Moray)/Nadia Fenton (Gairloch) and Molly Cant/Freya Stevenson (Orkney) both reaching semifinals.

Mixed Doubles

6 pairs made it to Knockout A – finalists were Ian Campbell (Moray)/Jodie Harris (Stonehaven) winning 22-20, 17-21, 21-19 against Marc Graham (Glasgow)/Erin Sinclair (Hurlford).  In the 3rd place play-off was Luca Russell/Chloe Hitchin (Shetland) winning 21-18, 21-13 over Ross MacLean (Inverness)/Rachel MacLean (Edinburgh).

3 pairs made it to Knockout B – with a round robin format with winners James Clark (Inverness)/Eilidh MacLean (Moray).

This event saw 5 pairs from Highland area making it to ‘Knockout A’ with Highland picking up the winning trophy (partly shared with Aberdeen).

Overall results – Aberdeen picked up 4 out of the 5 winning titles.  Highland picked up mixed title (shared with Aberdeen).  Edinburgh/Hurlford picked up the girls doubles title.

We would like to thank the Black Isle Leisure Centre (Fortrose) for their continued support in hosting these tournaments, to all parents for bringing their young talented players, and to all the players who made the day a success along with the organisers, referees and Jane Grant who kept us all in-line.  Hopefully all players enjoyed the day and went home having had played many long and hard fought enjoyable games. 

Well done to everyone and all trophy/medal winners.  Keep up the training and see you next year.


Pos. Name Club
Boys Singles
1 Samuel Muir Fetteresso
2 Nick Darcy-Evans Fetteresso
3 Cameron Strachan Cults Academy
4 Ben Strang Lanark YMCA
Consolation winner - Luca Russell, Shetland
Girls Singles
1 Jodie Harris Mackie Academy
2 Rachel Maclean George Watson's College
3 Emma Donald Badminton Moray
4 Eilidh Maclean Badminton Moray
Consolation winner - Chloe Hitchin, Shetland
Boys Doubles
1 Nick Darcy-Evans+Samuel Muir Fetteresso
2 James Hinchcliffe+Cameron Strachan Fetteresso Badminton Club/Cults Academy
3 Ben Strang+Calum Strang Lanark YMCA/Lanark
4 Ross Robson+Graeme Thomson Wing Squad/Perth Junior Badminton
Consolation winner - Luca Russell+KingsleyHo, Shetland
Girls Doubles
1 Rachel Maclean+Erin Sinclair George Watson's College/Hurlford Badminton
2 Jodie Harris+Eilidh Mitchell Mackie Academy /Mackie Academy
3 Emma Donald+Nadia Fenton Badminton Moray/Gairloch
4 Molly Cant+Freya Stevenson Orkney Juniors
Consolation winner - Chloe Hitchin+Neve Hall, Shetland
1 Ian Campbell+Jodie Harris Badminton Moray/Mackie Academy
2 Marc Graham+Erin Sinclair Satellite Squad/Hurlford Badminton
3 Luca Russell+Chloe Hitchin Shetland Badminton
4 Ross Maclean+Rachel Maclean Inverness/George Watson's College
Consolation winner - James Clark+Eilidh MacLean, Inverness/Badminton Moray