Highland Triple Title for Callan Short

On Friday 8th and Saturday 9th February the Black Isle Leisure Centre hosted the Highland U17 Championships then on Sunday 10th February Inverness Royal Academy hosted the Highland U14 Championships.  Over 90 Players travelled from all over Scotland and the Highlands to compete for the singles, doubles and mixed titles.

Outstanding performance:

Callan Short from Nomads (Dundee) picked up the U14 titles in all 3 events.  Iona Muir picked up singles and doubles titles in the U14 who also competed in the U17 singles event to pick up the B Plate. Eva Tremble (Irvine) picked up the doubles and mixed title in the U14.

U17 Results:

There was some high-quality games throughout the Friday and Saturday.  The boys final saw a terrific battle with Joseph Carlyle and Callum Stokes coming out with the win over Lewis Hart and Isaac Weir.  The 3rd place play off the Ashly Donald And Sophie Ford was also one to watch going all the way with Ashley just pipping Sophie.


Boys Singles
Final Lewis Hart[1]  -  Isaac Weir[3/4] 21-19 21-14 ;
3/4 Angus Meldrum[2]  -  Callum Stokes[3/4] 21-19 21-19 ;
SF Lewis Hart[1]  -  Callum Stokes[3/4] 21-18 21-14 ;
SF Isaac Weir[3/4]  -  Angus Meldrum[2] 21-17 19-21 21-16 ;
Girls Singles
Final Abbie Brooks[1]  -  Keryn Swan[2] 21-15 21-19 ;
3/4 Ashley Donald  -  Sophie Ford 14-21 21-19 21-19 ;
SF Abbie Brooks[1]  -  Sophie Ford 21-14 21-10 ;
SF Keryn Swan[2]  -  Ashley Donald 21-11 21-9 ;
Mixed Doubles
Final Finlay Sheriff+Keryn Swan[1]  -  Angus Meldrum+Imogen Meldrum[2] 21-11 18-21 21-12 ;
3/4 Ian Campbell+Sophie Ford[3/4]  -  Tommy Ballantine+Ashley Donald 21-17 21-16 ;
SF Finlay Sheriff+Keryn Swan[1]  -  Tommy Ballantine+Ashley Donald 21-16 21-7 ;
SF Angus Meldrum+Imogen Meldrum[2]  -  Ian Campbell+Sophie Ford[3/4] 21-12 21-14 ;
Boys Doubles
Final Joseph Carlyle+Callum Stokes[2]  -  Lewis Hart+Isaac Weir[1] 21-7 19-21 21-19 ;
3/4 Logan Ireland+Angus Meldrum[3/4]  -  Ian Campbell+Connor Mcrobbie[3/4] 21-13 21-14 ;
SF Lewis Hart+Isaac Weir[1]  -  Logan Ireland+Angus Meldrum[3/4] 21-14 21-14 ;
SF Joseph Carlyle+Callum Stokes[2]  -  Ian Campbell+Connor Mcrobbie[3/4] 21-18 13-21 21-15 ;
Girls Doubles
Final Sophie Barrie+Ashley Donald[1]  -  Erin Bailey+Sophie Ford[2] 21-16 21-14 ;


U14 Results:

There were strong performances across the 2 halls.  Callan Short and Iona Muir both successfully picked up their titles in straight sets.  There was a battle in the boys doubles semi-finals with Erlend Ballantine and Alex Thompson winning over Archie Baxter and Reuben McFarlane in a tough 3 sets.

Boys Singles
Final Callan Short[1]  -  Lewis Coghill[2] 21-10 21-17 ;
3/4 Alex Thompson[3/4]  -  Erlend Ballantine 21-10 21-17 ;
SF Callan Short[1]  -  Erlend Ballantine 21-8 21-4 ;
SF Lewis Coghill[2]  -  Alex Thompson[3/4] 21-11 21-17 ;
Girls Singles
Final Iona Muir[1]  -  Eva Tremble[2] w.o.;
3/4 Imogen Meldrum[3/4]  -  Lanna Campbell[3/4] 21-11 21-15 ;
SF Iona Muir[1]  -  Lanna Campbell[3/4] 21-5 21-8 ;
SF Eva Tremble[2]  -  Imogen Meldrum[3/4] 21-15 21-7 ;
Mixed Doubles
Final Callan Short+Eva Tremble[1]  -  Lewis Coghill+Imogen Meldrum[2] 21-11 21-9 ;
3/4 Erlend Ballantine+Jody Groundwater  -  Alex Thompson+Gemma Foulis 13-21 21-13 21-4 ;
SF Callan Short+Eva Tremble[1]  -  Alex Thompson+Gemma Foulis 21-13 21-13 ;
SF Lewis Coghill+Imogen Meldrum[2]  -  Erlend Ballantine+Jody Groundwater 21-14 21-11 ;
Boys Doubles
Final Lewis Coghill+Callan Short[1]  -  Erlend Ballantine+Alex Thompson 21-2 21-8 ;
3/4 Archie Baxter+Reuben Mcfarlane[2]  -  James Brown+Alastair Gordon 23-21 16-21 21-12 ;
SF Lewis Coghill+Callan Short[1]  -  James Brown+Alastair Gordon 21-11 21-14 ;
SF Erlend Ballantine+Alex Thompson  -  Archie Baxter+Reuben Mcfarlane[2] 20-22 21-18 21-14 ;
Girls Doubles
Final Iona Muir+Eva Tremble[1]  -  Lanna Campbell+Imogen Meldrum[2] 21-12 21-6 ;
3/4 Abigail Barrie+Shannon Leslie  -  Jody Groundwater+Cara Strath 21-9 21-16 ;
SF Iona Muir+Eva Tremble[1]  -  Abigail Barrie+Shannon Leslie 21-5 21-5 ;
SF Lanna Campbell+Imogen Meldrum[2]  -  Jody Groundwater+Cara Strath 21-14 21-9 ;

Special Thanks

Many thanks to all players for their hard work, to all parents for their commitment to get their young players to the event, to the Black Isle Leisure Centre and Inverness Royal Academy for allowing us to use their facilities; and, most importantly to all volunteers who freely give up their weekend to ensure these events can be put on:  Margaret Campbell, Andrew Durrand, Caroline Brown, Lesley Gordon, Ian Campbell, Duncan Grant, Aaron Habberley, Tracey Gough, John MacCulloch, Emma Donald, Eion Ballantine.

Please note:  decisions had to be made on the day to ensure smooth running of the event (mostly U17); we are trying our best to be fair and ensure every player gets as many games as possible.  If you are interested in getting involved in your own local tournaments I am sure badminton Scotland will put you in contact with your area group so that you volunteer to help – I am sure they would be grateful of it.

U17 Results can be found:  HERE

U14 Results can be found: HERE

Write-up courtesy of Margaret Campbell, HBG

U17 Results

Fri 8th & Sat 9th Feb 2019 - Highland U17


Pos. Name Club
BS U17 - Final A
1 Lewis Hart National Dev Squad
2 Isaac Weir Duns
3 Angus Meldrum GSOS
4 Callum Stokes Scotland
B Plate: Joseph Carlyle, Tall Oaks
C Plate: Eoin Cumming, Gairloch
GS U17 - Final A
1 Abbie Brooks Perth Badminton club
2 Keryn Swan National Dev Squad
3 Ashley Donald Badminton Moray
4 Sophie Ford Lanarkshire
B Plate: Iona Muir, Glasgow
C Plate: Nicole Miller, Caithness
BD U17 - Final A
1 Joseph Carlyle+Callum Stokes Tall Oaks/Scotland
2 Lewis Hart+Isaac Weir National Dev Squad/Duns
3 Logan Ireland+Angus Meldrum GSOS
4 Ian Campbell+Connor Mcrobbie Millburn Academy/Mackie School/ NE
B Plate: Finlay Sheriff+Josh Wilson, Glasgow/Moravian
C Plate: Eoin Cumming+Anndra Cumming, Gairloch
GD U17 - Final A
1 Sophie Barrie+Ashley Donald Inverness City/Badminton Moray
2 Erin Bailey+Sophie Ford Badminton For You/Lanarkshire
B Plate: Ella Haime+Amy Craig, Lanark/GSOS
C Plate:  Nicole Miller+Abby Munro, Caithness
XD U17 - Final A
1 Finlay Sheriff+Keryn Swan City of Glasgow/National Dev Squad
2 Angus Meldrum+Imogen Meldrum GSOS
3 Ian Campbell+Sophie Ford Millburn Academy/Lanarkshire
4 Tommy Ballantine+Ashley Donald Orkney Badminton/Badminton Moray
B Plate: Logan Ireland+Abbie Brooks, GSOS/Perth
C Plate: Jamie Fraser+Jody Groundwater, Moray/Orkney

U14 Results

Sun 10th Feb 2019 - Highland U14


Pos. Name Club
BS U14 - Final A
1 Callan Short Nomads
2 Lewis Coghill GSOS
3 Alex Thompson Badminton Moray
4 Erlend Ballantine Orkney Badminton
B Plate:  Zaigham Askari, Inverness Juniors
C Plate:  Oliver Bull, Dinwgall
GS U14 - Final A
1 Iona Muir GSOS
2 Eva Tremble Irvine Junior BC
3 Imogen Meldrum GSOS
4 Lanna Campbell Lanarkshire BA
B Plate:  Abigail Barrie, Inverness City
C Plate:  Kirsty Henderson, Catithness
BD U14 - Final A
1 Lewis Coghill+Callan Short GSOS/Nomads
2 Erlend Ballantine+Alex Thompson Orkney Badminton/Badminton Moray
3 Archie Baxter+Reuben Mcfarlane Stirling BS/Midland
4 James Brown+Alastair Gordon Lochcarron/Inverness junior
B Plate:  Zaigham Askari+Joe Esson, Inverness Juniors/Glasgow
C Plate:  Finlay Swanson+Oliver Bull, Caithness/Dingwall
GD U14 - Final A
1 Iona Muir+Eva Tremble GSOS/Irvine Junior BC
2 Lanna Campbell+Imogen Meldrum Lanarkshire BA/GSOS
3 Abigail Barrie+Shannon Leslie Inverness City/Orkney Badminton
4 Jody Groundwater+Cara Strath Orkney Badminton/Lochcarron
B Plate:  Gemma Foulis+Evie Stubbs, Orkney/Inverness City
C Plate:  Imogen Geddes+Abigail Macrae, Culbokie
XD U14 - Final A
1 Callan Short+Eva Tremble Nomads/Irvine Junior BC
2 Lewis Coghill+Imogen Meldrum GSOS
3 Erlend Ballantine+Jody Groundwater Orkney Badminton
4 Alex Thompson+Gemma Foulis Badminton Moray/Orkney Badminton
B Plate:  Alastair Gordon+Abigail Barrie, Inverness Juniors/Inverness City
C Plate:  Finlay Murdoch+Sarah Forster, Elgin City