U19 Consolation girls doubles - Laura Grieve/Lois Moore

U14 singles and doubles r-up Elanor Strath with Beth

Friday 29th September 2017 - Inverness Leisure Centre with 12 Secondary Schools ~100 kids

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Senior Winners  
Boys Singles  
Winner James Clark Culloden
R-Up Criag Fraser IRA
Consolation - Ross Fulton, Millburn
Girls Singles  
Winner Carly Sinclair Wick
R-Up Hannah Brook IRA
Consolation - Lucy MacDonald, Culloden
Boys Doubles  
Winner Ross Fulton / Iain McWilliam Millburn
R-Up Criag Fraser / Lewis Maber IRA
Consolation - NA
Girls Doubles  
Winner Carly Sinclair / Kari Durrand Wick
R-Up Megan Campbell / Sarah Calder Millburn
Consolation - Laura Grieve / Lois Moore, Portree
Mixed Doubles  
Winner Iain McWIlliam / Megan Campbell Millburn
R-Up James Clark / Lucy MacDonald Culloden
Consolation - Lewis Maber / Katie Gregson-McLeod, IRA
Intermediate Winners  
Boys Singles  
Winner Ian Campbell Millburn
R-Up Aaron Morrison IRA
Consolation - Eion Cumming, Gairloch
Girls Singles  
Winner Nadia Fenton Gairloch
R-Up Eve Gardiner Millburn
Consolation - Kari Durrand, Wick
Boys Doubles  
Winner Ian Campbell / Fergus McWilliam Millburn
R-Up Lewis Gallacher / Mark McCoustra Thurso
Consolation - Eion Cumming / Joel Goldby, Gairloch
Girls Doubles  
Winner Nicole Miller / Abby Munro Wick
R-Up Nadia Fenton / Emma McDonald Gairloch
Consolation - Laura Bain (Thurso) / Anna McLennan (Gairloch)
Mixed Doubles  
Winner Ian Campbell / Eve Gardiner Millburn
R-Up Robbie Gunn / Nicole Miller Wick
Consolation - Neil Davidson / Tina Hardie, IRA
Junior Winners  
Boys Singles  
Winner Alan Mathieson Wick
R-Up Sandy McWilliam IRA
Consolation - Allan Robertshar, Thurso
Girls Singles  
Winner Sophie Barrie IRA
R-Up Eleanor Strath Plockton
Consolation - Leah Sinclair, Wick
Boys Doubles  
Winner Alan Gunn / Alan Mathieson Wick
R-Up William Oag / Allan Robertshaw Thurso
Consolation - Joe Embleton (Charleston) / Connor Wares (Thurso)
Girls Doubles  
Winner Sophie Barrie / Eve Stubbs IRA
R-Up Beth Murphy / Eleanor Strath Plockton
Consolation - NA
Mixed Doubles  
Winner Sandy McWilliam / Sophie Barrie IRA
R-Up Alan Mathieson / Anna Swanson Wick
Consolation - NA