Glasgow inter-Group

On Saturday 7th October 2017 Highland Badminton Group escorted down 2 teams to the Cockburn Centre to compete in an U15 & U18 Inter-Group.

U15 team - Ian Campbell, Zen McClure, James Brown, Ashley Donald, Eden Cowie, Sophie Barrie

U18 team - Matthew Robertson, Aaron Morrison, Mark McCoustra, Emma Donald, Megan Campbell, Morven Coghill

NOTE:  The team should of had 8 players per team therefore 1 boys doubles and 1 girls doubles match had to be conceded - which meant the other team won regardless of match.  Therefore, the team were up against it with 2 matches given away before start.  

U15 overview - Highland went up against 5 teams (6 teams in total).  First they met North East where they fought hard to win 6 out of 7 matches.  Due to having to concede 2 games the outcome was 4-3 to Highland.  Ian tipped the result with a win over Connor 22-20. Next was against Glasgow with hard fought close games with Zen securing a win over Akshat 21-15 with overall result going to Glasgow winning 6-1.  Third team up was Lothian (the eventual overall winners) with a few very close games; but Lothian winning 7-0.  Fourth round was against West of Scotland - again very close games all round and Highland securing 2 wins with Ian & Sophie beating Leo & Zoe 21-8 in the mixed game.  West of Scotland secured the win 6-1 (1 game was conceded). Last up was Midland.  Our Highland girls doubles matches proved successfully with 2 wins (one conceded).  Midland pick up the win 6-1 (one games conceded.

Overall outcome - Highland cam 5th overall.  This was a great learning and development experience for our younger age group (p7 James, S1 Sophie and Zen).  Incredible results into double digits for these youngest well outwith their age group.  A very big well done to all.  Their attitude to playing hard was fantastic.

U18 overview - Highland went up against 3 team (4 in total).  First up was Lothian (the eventual winners). Very tough opposition overall with Morven just losing out to Rachel 15-21.  Lothian secure a 9-0 win.  Next up was West of Scotland.  Highland secured 2 wins - singles with Emma beating Heather 21-4 and Morven beating Sophie 21-18.  Matthew narrowly missed out on a win over Marc with the match of the day losing 26-24 - what a fantastic game to watch.  West of Scotland won 7-2.  Finally, up against Midland.   This was the closest of matches with the girls doubles taking the 2 wins (one conceded).  Emma & Morven beating Eilidh and Megan 21-16 and Megan & Morven beating Lauran & Zoe 21-18.  Midland took the win 8-1 (with one games conceded.)

Overall outcome - Highland cam 4th overall.  This was a great learning and development experience for our eldest age group.  Mark had a tough day but the best I have seen him ever play.  Matthew was outstanding all day.  The girls (as always) played very well indeed.  3 players were in the U16 playing in U18 - Mark, Aaron & Emma - great results and keep up the good work to all players.

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Special thanks to Douglas Walker for organising this event (along with his table helpers); Mhairi Donald for running U18 team,  Margaret for running U15 team and Ian Campbell for helping the players throughout their games.  More importantly - all playes and their parents for allowing them along to the event.

All players are a credit to their coaches - keep up the training.

Courtesy of Margaret Campbell 

Posted 9th October 2017