Orkney Junior Competition

Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th September


U18   U16
Pos. Name / Club   Pos. Name / Club
Boys Singles   Boys Singles
1 Luca Russell, Shetland   1 Tommy Ballantine, Orkney
2 Kingsley Ho, Shetland   2 J Thomson, Shetland
Consolation - Sam Rendall, Orkney   Consolation - Lewis Gallagher, Caithness
Girls Singles   Girls Singles
1 Morven Coghill, Caithness   1 L Sim, Shetland
2 Chloe Hitchin, Shetland   2 R Morris, Shetland
Consolation - K Keay, Shetland   Consolation - Keira Stevenson, Orkney
Boys Doubles   Boys Doubles
1 Luca Russell / Kingsley Ho, Shetland   1 J Thomson / H Goddard, Shetland
2 Stephen Forbes / Matthew Robertson, Caithness   2 Tommy Ballantine / R Kemp, Orkney
Consolation - S Bain / B Brear, Shetland   Consolation - Mark McCoustra / Lewis Gallgher, Caithness
Girls Doubles   Girls Doubles
1 Chloe Hitchin / S Morris, Shetland   1 Abby Munro / Nicole Miller, Caithness
2 Morven Coghill / Carly Sinclair, Caithness   2 M Hutchison / L sim, Shetland
Consolation - C Reid / C Sinclair, Orkney   Consolation -  Keira Stevenson / A Lennie, Orkney
Mixed Doubles   Mixed Doubles
1 Luca Russell / S Morris, Shetland   1 J Thomson / L Colclough, Shetland
2 Matthew Robertson / Morven Coghill, Caithness   2 I Gazda / L Sim , Shetland
Consolation - C Stewart / Cary Sinclair, Caithness   Consolation - L Barnett / A Lennie, Orkney
Pos. Name / Club      
Boys Singles      
1 Nairn Hall, Orkney      
2 T Calder, Shetland      
Consolation - Allan Robertshaw, Caithness      
Girls Singles      
1 O Brown, Shetland      
2 N Hunter, Shetland      
Consolation - B Mackenzie, Caithness      
Boys Doubles      
1 Nairn Hall / Erlend Ballantine, Orkney      
2 S Thomson / T Calder, Shetland      
Consolation - N/A      
Girls Doubles      
1 O Brown / N Hunter, Shetland      
2 M Flett / J Scott, Orkney      
Consolation - N/A      
Mixed Doubles      
1 T Calder / O Brown, Shetland      
2 Narin Hall / E Poke, Orkney      
Consolation - N/A      


Under 18

 1st Shetland Tsunami

2nd Shetland Selkies

3rd Caithness

4th Orkney

Under 15’s

1st Orkney Dream

2nd Orkney Gold

3rd Orkney Sizzlers


A great big thank you to Orkney Junior Badminton Committee for hosting last weekend’s feast of badminton.

There were over 70 players from the Western Isles, Shetland, Caithness and of course Orkney, who all contributed to a very successful weekend.

The high standard of play made for excellent viewing for the many spectators who came to support the youngsters. The many 3 setters, especially at under 18 , meant the under 16 & 18 mixed competition had to be completed on the Sunday! So many games went to the wire, continuing

 With the first game on  Sunday morning, going to 23/21!

If the standard set this weekend continues, badminton in the Islands and the north can only go from strength to strength. Well done to all the coaches.

Many thanks to the senior Orkney players , all coaches, parents and volunteers for giving up their weekend, helping at the desks, food corner and generally making themselves available. We would not have managed without you!

Players had a great weekend and are already looking forward to next year’s event.

Thanks to the Pickaquoy Sports Centre for accommodating the tournament and providing, packed lunches and the evening presentation meal which was, just what was needed, after such a busy day.

(Posted 13th Sept 2017 Courtesy of Jane Grant)