posted 15th Mar 2020

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Please note there was quite alot of clothing etc left at hte Aquadome.  The staff did collect and if you have left anything please phone the Aquadome to see if can claim back.

U18 Winners
Pos. Name Club
Girls Singles U18
1 Ashley DONALD Badminton Moray
2 Keira STEVENSON Orkney Badminton
3 Olivia STRONACH Buckie Badminton
4 Eleanor STRATH Lochcarron
B Plate: Olive Richards, Fortrose
Boys Singles U18
1 Tommy BALLANTINE Orkney Badminton
2 Matthew GOODMAN Lochcarron
3 Jamie FRASER Forres Badminton
4 Joshua WILSON Buckie Badminton
B Plate: Cameron MacKenzie, Western Isles
C Plate: Ronan Blakey, Fortrose
Girls Doubles U18
1 Sophie BARRIE+Keira STEVENSON Inverness City BC/Orkney Badminton
2 Ashley DONALD+Olivia STRONACH Badminton Moray/Buckie Badminton
3 Olive RICHARDS+Emma SENDALL Fortrose Academy/Inverness City BC
4 Elidh SMITH+Eleanor STRATH Badminton Moray/Lochcarron
Boys Doubles U18
1 Tommy BALLANTINE+Ian CAMPBELL Orkney Badminton/UHI College
2 Jamie FRASER+Joshua WILSON Forres Badminton/Buckie Badminton
3 Eoin CUMMING+Matthew GOODMAN Gairloch/Lochcarron
3 Ben DENEHY+Cameron MACKENZIE Barra Badminton/Western Isles
B Plate: Drew Lelie / Anndrs Cumming, Orkney & Gairloch
Mixed U18
1 Tommy BALLANTINE+Ashley DONALD Orkney Badminton/Badminton Moray
2 Joshua WILSON+Sophie BARRIE Buckie Badminton/Inverness City BC
3 Drew LESLIE+Keira STEVENSON Orkney Badminton
B Plate:  Matthew Goodman/Eleanor Strath & Jamie Fraser/Olivia Stronach
C Plate: Ronan Blakey / Olive Richards (Fortrose)
U15 Winners
Pos. Name Club
Girls Doubles U15
1 Gemma FOULIS+Shannon LESLIE Orkney Badminton
2 Abigail BARRIE+Jody GROUNDWATER Inverness City BC/Orkney Badminton
3 Orla MCGUIRE+Cara STRATH Barra Badminton/Lochcarron
4 Kara DEAKIN+Ava LAUGHTON Inverness City BC
B Plate: Kirsty Henderson / Chloe MacKenzie (Caithness)
Boys Doubles U15
1 Erlend BALLANTINE+Alex THOMPSON Orkney Badminton/Badminton Moray
2 Keith BRAY+Oliver BULL Western Isles/Fortrose Academy
3 James BROWN+Alastair GORDON Lochcarron/Inverness Junior
B Plate: Finlay Murdoch / Charlie Watson (Moray)
C Plate: Alec Chetwynd / Angus Robertson (Moray)
Mixed U15
1 Erlend BALLANTINE+Jody GROUNDWATER Orkney Badminton
2 Keith BRAY+Shannon LESLIE Western Isles/Orkney Badminton
3 James BROWN+Cara STRATH Lochcarron
4 Callum MCWHIRTER+Abigail BARRIE ELGIN CITY/Inverness City BC
B Plate: Alastair Gordon / Charlotte McInnes (Inverness / Nairn)
C Plate: William Sendall / Abigail Macrae (Fortrose)
Girls Singles U15
1 Shannon LESLIE Orkney Badminton
2 Jody GROUNDWATER Orkney Badminton
3 Gemma FOULIS Orkney Badminton
4 Abigail BARRIE Inverness City BC
B Plate: Sophie Howard, Moray
C Plate: Orla Mcguire, Barra
Boys Singles U15
1 Erlend BALLANTINE Orkney Badminton
2 Keith BRAY Western Isles
3 Alastair GORDON Inverness Junior
4 James BROWN Lochcarron
B Plate: Charlie Watson, Moray
C Plate: Seamus Mcguire, Barra
U15 Winners
Pos. Name Club
Girls Doubles U12
1 Ava COOK+Freya SWANSON Caithness
2 Poppy MACKENZIE+Molly PEARCE Lochcarron
Boys Doubles U12
A Owen LEWIS+Drew MURDOCH Badminton Moray
B Sameer AMIN+Harry WATSON Buckie Badminton/ELGIN CITY
Grils Singles U12
2 Freya SWANSON Caithness
3 Poppy MACKENZIE Lochcarron
4 Ava COOK Caithness
Boys Singles U12
1 Drew MURDOCH Badminton Moray
2 Sameer AMIN Buckie Badminton
3 Toby SUTHERLAND Caithness
B Plate Winner: Owen Lewis, Moray  
B Plate R-Up: Callan Mackay, Inverness