Highland Bonanza Shared Title Success

(Posted 23rd September 2019)

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On Friday 20th and Saturday 21st September 2019 Black Isle Leisure Centre in Fortrose hosted the Highland Bonanza for social and competitive players across Scotland.  Players travelled from all over the highland, Islands and further afield: Orkney, Western Isles, Caithness, Tain, Gairloch, Lochcarron, Inverness, Nairn, Aberdeen, Kinloss, Perth, Glasgow, Edinburgh. 

On Friday started with competitive men’s and ladies’ singles events.  In the men’s singles saw Ian Campbell, Inverness overcome Stewart Brown, Granite City in a tough match 21-16, 25-23.  The 3rd place play off say Jamie King, Granite City beat John MacCulloch, Culbokie 19-21, 21-18, 21-9.  The B Plate saw Steve MacGregor, Nairn losing to James Connell, Granite City 21-15, 21-12.  The C Plate saw Mark McCoustra beat Fellow Caithness Sean Campbell 20-22, 21-13, 21-14.  Lots of long hard setting matches for all players. In the ladies’ singles saw a round robin final of 5 players with Marina Gray Orkney coming out to win over Eleanor Bonser, RAF Lossiemouth with 3rd place going to Claire Johnston, Aberdeen.  Well done ladies.

On the Saturday saw the start of the social mens singles.  The final was played against Matthew Goodman, Lochcarron beating Jordan Stewart, Aberdeen 21-8, 18-21, 21-13.  3rd place play saw Murie Robertson, Glasgow Disability Badminton beat Max Morrell, Kinloss 21-14, 21-15.  The B Plate was won by Callum Craig, Nairn beating Eoin Cumming, Gairloch 21-12, 21-19.  The C Plate was won by Alastair Gordon beating 22-20, 21-16 Alistair Matthews, RAF Lossiemouth.

The competitive men’s doubles event saw Stewart Brown & Jamie King, Granite City overcome Alastair Davidson & Ian Campbell, Inverness winning 21-15, 25-23.  3rd place play off saw John MacCulloch & Rob Broughton, Culbokie beat Gordon McLean & Harry Wilson, Granite City 19-21, 21-17, 21-13.  B plate was won by scratch pairing James Connell & Murie Robertson beating Michael Jefferson & Derick Morrison, Western Isles 21-15, 21-13.  C Plate saw Mark McCoustra & Sean Campbell win over Eoin Cumming & Matthew Goodman 15-21, 21-13, 21-10.

The social mens doubles saw a round robin final with Iain Cumming (Gairloch & Jordan Stewart come up tops with 2nd place to Alistair Matthews & Matthew MacLean, RAF Lossiemouth and 3rd place going to junior players Alastair Gordon & James Brown, Lochcarron.

In the competitive ladies’ doubles saw Suzanne Henderson, Inverness & Eleanor Bonser, RAF Lossiemouth beating Kirsty Grant, Caithness & Claire Elder, Kinloss 21-19-21-18. 3rd place playoff went to Susan Hunter & Joan Columbine beating Claire Johnston & Morven Coghill 21-16, 21-18.  B Plate went to Jane Grant & Marion McCoustra, Caithness beating Cara Strath & Eleanor Strath, Lochcarron 21-15, 21-19.

In the competitive mixed doubles saw Jamie King & Kirsty Grant beat Rob Broughton & Suzanne Henderson 19-21, 21-18, 21-16.  The 3rd place playoff was won by Gordon McLean & Joan Columbine beating Mark McCoustra & Morven Coghill 21-14, 21-15.  B Plate was won by James Connell & Claire Elder beating John MacCulloch and Susan Hunter 14-21, 21-13, 21-10.

In the social mixed doubles saw Matthew Goodman & Marion McCoustra beat Murie Robertson & Jane Grant with 3rd place going to James Brown & Cara Strath.  The B Plate was won by Jordan Stewart & Cristina Coussy (EBA) beating Callum Craig & Emma Sendal 21-16, 17-21, 21-14.


Many thank to all players for their efforts and sportsmanship.  Many thanks to Black Isle Leisure Centre for their continued support for HBG events.  Many thanks to all HBG volunteers: Marion McCoustra, Jane Grant, Andrew Durrand, Lesley Gordon, Tracey Gough, Caroline Brown, Ian Campbell.  Many thanks to those who provided home baking for players through the day on Saturday – very much appreciated.

Results can be found on tournament software: http://www.tournamentsoftware.com/sport/tournament?id=D660862C-FB6F-4B92-A81D-576B6702733E

Pos. Name Club
1 Matthew GOODMAN Lochcarron
2 Jordan STEWART Aberdeen Sports Village
3 Murrie ROBERTSON Glasgow Disability BC
4 Max MORRELL Kinloss
B Plate: Callum Craig, Inverness
C Plate: Alistair Gordon, Inverness
1 Iain CUMMING+Jordan STEWART Gairloch/Aberdeen Sports Village
2 Matthew MACLEAN+Alistair MATTHEWS RAF Lossiemouth
3 James BROWN+Alastair GORDON Lochcarron/Inverness Junior BC
4 Max MORRELL+Richard NORRIS Kinloss/RAF Lossiemouth
1 Matthew GOODMAN+Marion MCCOUSTRA Lochcarron/Caithness BA
2 Murrie ROBERTSON+Jane A GRANT Glasgow Disability BC/Caithness BA
3 James BROWN+Cara STRATH Lochcarron
4 Alastair GORDON+Eleanor STRATH Inverness Junior BC/Lochcarron
B Plate: Jordan Stewart & Cristina Coussy, Aberdeen / EBA


Pos. Name Club
1 Ian CAMPBELL UHI College
2 Stewart BROWN Granite City
3 Jamie KING Granite City
4 John MACCULLOCH Culloden
B Plate: James Connell, Granite City
C Plate: Mark McCoustra, Caithness
1 Marina GRAY Orkney
2 Eleanor BONSER Kinloss
3 Claire JOHNSTON Perth 20
4 Lizzie RICHARDS Fortroe S12B
1 Stewart BROWN+Jamie KING Granite City
2 Ian CAMPBELL+Alastair DAVIDSON UHI College/Culloden
4 Gordon MCLEAN+Harry WILSON Granite City
B Plate: James Connel & Murie Robertson, Aberdeen, Ayrshire
C Plate: Mark McCoustra& Sean Campbell, Caithness
1 Eleanor BONSER+Suzanne HENDERSON Kinloss/Culloden
2 Claire ELDER+Kirsty GRANT Granite City/Caithness BA
3 Joan COLUMBINE+Susan HUNTER Milton of Leys
4 Morven COGHILL+Claire JOHNSTON Caithness BA/Perth 20
B Plate: Jane Grant & Marion McCoustra, Caithness
1 Jamie KING+Kirsty GRANT Granite City/Caithness BA
2 Rob BROUGHTON+Suzanne HENDERSON Culloden
3 Gordon MCLEAN+Joan COLUMBINE Granite City/Milton of Leys
4 Mark MCCOUSTRA+Morven COGHILL Caithness BA

B Plate: James Connell & Claire Elder, Aberdeen