2022/23 HBG Committee

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Role  Name 


Vice Convenor

Kerri Macintosh

Jane Grant

Tournament Organiser

Assistant Tournament Organiser

Maressa Munro

Kerry MacKenzie

Treasurer Maressa Munro
Coaching Convener Andrew Durrand
Coach & Development Secretary Kerry MacKenzie
Child Protection Officer Kerri Macintosh
 Minute Secretary Jane Grant
Committee members:  
Steve Macgregor
Iain Craig
Marion McCoustra
Katie Foulis
Robert Hutchison

HBG Roles and Voluntary Commitment

Monthly Meeting Agenda

  1. Welcome and apologies for absence
  2. Minutes of previous meeting
  3. Action item update
  4. Planning for current/upcoming season
    1. Coaching sessions
    2. Tournaments
    3. Other events
  5. Member duties
    1. Coaching convener
    2. Child protection
  6. AOCB
  7. Date and time of next meeting